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Serving Excellence for Over 28 Years in the Drive-Thru & QSR Industry

R.F. Technologies, Inc. has been a QSR drive-thru industry leader since 1989 and served over 50,000 drive-thru stores worldwide. We are your one-stop drive-thru solutions provider for equipment sales and repairs, digital surveillance and music entertainment. RFT offers premium quality products, same-day service, free inbound shipping and 120-day parts and labor warranty for all brands and makes of drive-thru equipment repairs, 24-hour customer service, free live technical support, nationwide installation and 100% customer satisfaction.

Drive-Thru Listen-In HD Technology


LIO is the new, revolutionary alternative audio system designed to listen to the drive-thru activity without pricey, traditional, two-way headsets. LIO is compatible with all major drive-thru systems and can be used with any 3.5mm headphones or earbuds. Delivering high-definition sound quality within 300 yards, LIO improves order accuracy, team communications and customer satisfaction. This economical drive-thru solution is built for all QSR businesses. (More Info)

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Drive-Thru Repairs – Same Day Service & Free UPS Inbound Shipping

We repair all makes and models of drive-thru equipment including headsets, belt packs, chargers, base stations and more. Our 4-month parts/labor warranty and 35-point inspection on all drive-thru equipment repairs guarantees you the highest quality repairs in the industry. We also provide you with free UPS inbound shipping labels that can be easily printed online HERE. Sending in your drive-thru repairs to RF is as easy as 1-2-3. And better yet, we repair and ship back to you the same day we receive it. Send in your repair today! Get More Information.

Place the product you need repaired in any shipping container.

Properly secure the product inside the container, close, and seal.

keep tracking number and apply the FREE LABEL supplied by RF to the container.

Hand the package to your UPS driver or drop off at your local UPS store.

Restaurant Surveillance System — Big Dog HD

Customized specifically for restaurants, Big Dog HD surveillance systems have built-in components that allow owners to improve safety, training, and loss prevention. Big Dog HD has high definition cameras that have been designed to handle everything a restaurant has to throw at it while allowing users to watch the video anywhere and anytime with remote access.

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