RF Drive-Thru Programs

Drive-Thru Programs - Drive-Thru Monthly Maintenance

The Ensure Monthly Maintenance Program is designed for locations desiring comprehensive maintenance coverage for drive-thru communication systems utilizing up to 12 headsets. These programs can be customized with options for timer coverage and additional equipment as needed.

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Drive-Thru Programs - Drive-Thru Bundle Systems Program

RF is your One-Stop-Shop for everything you need to make your business a success. When you buy more, you save more. We can help make you maximize your savings, contact us today to learn how we can save you up to 20%.

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Drive-Thru Programs - Drive-Thru Advance Exchange

RF has a strategic way to ensure a disruption free drive thru! Our Advance Exchange Program* allows you to keep your drive thru functioning at 100% allowing you to provide exceptional service for your most valuable and loyal customers!

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Buy Back Program

Is it time to upgrade your equipment?
With the purchase of a new drive-thru system, RF will Buy Back your existing system for up to $500!*

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RF Drive-Thru Services

Drive-Thru Programs - On-Site Drive-thru Service

On-Site service, repair and installation is provided for drive thru headset intercom communications systems, digital surveillance systems, drive thru replacement parts, drive thru timer systems, order confirmation systems, point-of-sale parts, TV and music satellite services.

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Drive-Thru Programs - International Drive-Thru Service Mexico and Canada

RFT is dedicated to providing the same level of repair service for our valued customers outside of the U.S. including Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada*.

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Drive-Thru Programs - Nationwide Drive-Thru Installation Service

We use our network of Nationwide Service Partners to satisfy your specific needs, from new drive-thru equipment installation, to on-site service repairs. We provide the best quality and fastest service, making us your trusted source for everything drive-thru!

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