Drive-Thru Repair and ReNew+

Ensure your business is fully prepared by taking advantage of our repair and ReNew+ programs. RFT not only provides the best quality service at the lowest price, we also provide free inbound shipping, 4 month parts and labor warranty and a 35-point inspection, giving you everything you need to have your drive-thru equipment running properly. Our complete repair program includes:

  • Thorough inspection (damage & defects)
  • Warranty period/maintenance coverage verified
  • Equipment history analyzed
  • Experienced, skilled, level III technician performs repair
  • Extensive wear and tear parts inspected & replaced
  • Additional testing for intermittent performance issues
  • Each unit thoroughly cleaned or cases replaced
  • PCB comprehensively cleaned; corrosion protection applied
  • Functions and controls properly configured
  • QA tested by production manager
  • 100′ walk tested for range & audio quality
  • Final vibration test performed
  • 120 day warranty assigned
  • 24-hour service
  • Customer courtesy call to ensure satisfaction

ReNew+, exclusively from RFT, includes:

  • New cases
  • New buttons, switches and boots
  • Corrosion removal
  • Board sealant
  • 35-point inspection
  • 4 month/120 day warranty

Click here for a complete list and pricing information for the type of equipment we repair and ReNew+.

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