We all know how expensive Drive Thru equipment is, but do we all know how to take care of it? Well, RFT is here to teach you. By conducting regular Drive Thru maintenance checks on all of your equipment you can increase the longevity of your unit. Follow these simple instructions to save on Drive Thru headset repairs:

    Drive Thru equipment can endure quite a lot throughout a busy day. Taking time out of your day to clean your units can make all the difference with increasing the longevity of use and decreasing the chances of component failure. When shutting down your unit for the evening, be sure to take a damp cloth and wipe off residual grease and debris that accumulated on the device throughout the day. Make sure the cloth isn’t too wet as excess water can lead to corrosion of the electronic components.
    Depending on how many employees you have, ear pads and mic muffs should be changed every 60-90 days. This will improve Drive Thru sound quality, while providing comfort. In addition, Ear Covers are a disposable thin cover that goes over the foam ear pad, which keep the ear pad clean, dry, and sanitary. Ear Covers help reduce the spread of infection during cold and flu season, while also providing extra protection from grease, perspiration, and debris.
    With everything that goes on in a restaurant, being mindful of where you are leaving your Drive Thru equipment can be a challenge. Storing your Drive Thru equipment in a cool and dry area of the restaurant will prevent overheating, keep moisture from collecting on electrical components, while also strengthening the quality of the battery.

Following these basic Drive Thru maintenance tips will be sure to help you save on Drive Thru repairs. Check out www.rftechno.com to learn more about your Drive Thru equipment and how to improve quality, reduce repairs, and improve customer satisfaction. We are your one stop shop for everything Drive Thru.