Did you know that Drive Thru equipment represents close to 70% of total sales for Drive Thru restaurants? Managing and maintaining your Drive Thru equipment can make a huge impact on return on investment (ROI), and R.F.Tina is here to tell you how to do it properly.

Because we get it. Understanding your Drive Thru equipment and how to take care of it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. But as your total solutions provider and advisor for everything Drive Thru, R.F. Technologies has all the info you need to handle your Drive Thru equipment in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Lesson #1 – Learning to handle your Drive Thru equipment properly will minimize repair costs, increase productivity within the restaurant, and enhance communication amongst your team.

Of course, you probably know that you should NEVER handle your headset with wet hands. But what about leaving it on countertops? Not a good idea, either, because most liquid damage to headsets occurs when headsets are left on counters. Liquid damage can cost your company $700, or more.

Lesson #2 – Understanding equipment and how to properly use it can ensure longevity of the product.

The most important thing here is to NEVER remove your headset by grabbing the mic boom. Use both hands to remove the headset from your head by grabbing the radio and battery case. Also, never rotate the mic boom 360 degrees. If you do, you’ll twist the mic boom cable and break the wire – which means no outbound communication.

Lesson #3 – Electronic equipment needs batteries, which need to be charged regularly through small and delicate contacts.

Do not force the battery into the battery case. All batteries are designed to fit ONE WAY. In addition, never remove a battery while the headset is turned on. Turn off the headset properly with the on/off switch before removing or replacing the battery.

For more tips on how to how to handle your headset, visit us at www.rftechno.com. We’ve been in the Drive Thru business for almost three decades. We are your trusted source to provide continuous outstanding Drive Thru service to your customers.