Equipment Repair & Renew: Estimates

The prices shown below are only estimates. Please click here to send us the details on your repair/renew requirements, so that we may send you a more specific price.

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Attune Digital All-in-One Headset$160$200
UltraPlex II 2050 All-in-One Headset$160$200
Panasonic Wired Headset$32N/A
Attune II 420 Belt Pack$98$125
Attune 3020 Belt Pack$95$125
UltraPlex 2020 Belt Pack$95$125
UltraPlex 920/1020 Belt Pack$95$125
Attune Battery Charger$125N/A
UltraPlex II 2050 Battery Charger$125N/A
UltraPlex 2020 Battery Charger$125N/A
Attune Center Module$235N/A
UltraPlex II Center Module$235N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: RF25/PAN (#RF25/PAN)$32N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: RFT 1020 Battery Charger (#RF1020C)$135N/A
QPro5 All-in-One Headset$125 + partsN/A
Quail Battery Charger$150N/A
Quail Base Station$225N/A
Sonic Handset$32N/A
Sonic Flightware-Binaural$32N/A
Sonic Flightware-Monaural$32N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: RF6/OM6W Sonic Wired Headset (#RF6/OM6W)$32N/A
ION$139Coming Soon!
IQ 6000 All-in-One Headset$139$179
6000 Belt Pack$95$125
2000 Belt Pack$95$115
400 Belt Pack$95$125
System 30 SOS TimerStarting at $150+partsStarting at $600
System 30 Printer Board$140$200
System 30 Remote Display$110N/A
Zoom SOS Timer$150N/A
All Base Station ModelsStarting at $235N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: RFT 2000 Belt Pack (#RF2000BP)$95$125
Compatible RFT Equipment: RF25/RED Wired Headset (Available with Multiple Connectors) (#RF25/RED)$32N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: RF25 Wired Headset (Available with Multiple Connectors) (#RF25)$32N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: RF2 Manager's Headset (Available with Multiple Connectors) (#RF2)$32N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: RFT 400 Battery Charger (#RF400C)$135N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: RFT 2000 Battery Charger (#RF2000C)$135N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: RFT 6000 Battery Charger (#RF6000C)$135N/A
C1060 All-in-One Headset$129$169
XT-1 All-in-One Headset$129$169
C960 All-in-One Headset$129$169
C1060/XT-1 3-Port Charger$125N/A
C1060/960 Base Station$235N/A
D-15 Wired Intercom$159$244
Compatible RFT Equipment: RFT 1060 All-in-One Headset$135N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: RFT 1060/XT-1 Battery Charger$135N/A
Compatible RFT Equipment: C960 Battery Charger$135N/A
Epson TMT88-V PrinterStarting at $180N/A
Epson T70 PrinterStarting at $180N/A
Epson TMU220 PrinterStarting at $180N/A
Ithaca 8000 Printer$180N/A
Ithaca Intertherm 280 Printer$180N/A
Fast Track TimerStarting at $125 + partsStarting at $1895
Fast Track Printer Board$140$261
Fast Track Remote Display$110$395
RFT is not affiliated, associated, or accredited with HME (H M Electronics) or 3M. RFT reserves the right to use non-OEM parts. RFT repair services are not covered by HME  or 3M manufacturer’s warranty. RFT provides a 4-month/120 day parts and labor warranty for all headset and belt pack repair services.